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Academy Modules

  • Healthy acceptance of self is the basis for a strong future

  • Opening & managing checking account
  • Budgeting
  • Debt Management

  • Improving Self-Image
  • Improving Projected Image
  • Psychology of non-verbal communication & eye contact
  • Good Posture for concentration and thinking ability

  • Resume
  • Verbal Interview Skills
  • Non-verbal Interview Skills

  • Workplace & business attire
  • Occasion attire

  • Students will participate in a formal dining experience at the Marietta Country Club. A coach will be present at each table representing the employer and the dinner filmed for viewing among students for feedback.

  • Students will participate throughout the month of June in community service to give back to others and receive hours to include on their resumes and college applications.

  • Combating speech anxiety
  • Learn the art of public speaking

  • Benefits of eating healthy, exercising and proper sleep.
  • Cognitive function and drug/alcohol use.

  • Developing the soft skills necessary for leadership
  • Work ethic & ethical standards
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Social Media’s impact on the brand of You
  • How employers use Social Media

  • Career Path Testing
  • Independent Living
  • Preparedness for reality in the business world
  • Combating immaturity and impatience
  • College or Job Application process

If you would like to know the statistics and more information about why these modules were selected, please visit Research Behind the Modules.

One-on-One Coaching/Mentoring

If needed, you will have access to schedule one-on-one session(s) with a mentor/coach. Depending on the area(s) of focus requiring personal assistance, the Academy will pair you with the appropriate mentor(s) during advising hours. This is a separate service provided for an additional fee.

Internships, Job Placement and Community Service

Throughout the course of the program, you will have access through a partnership with our corporate sponsors to apply for internships, community service projects as well as job placement. Corporate sponsors will have access to view the file of students who have graduated from the program. LNG’s arrangement with students and corporate partners fosters a mutual win to help you look for job experience as well as companies who are looking to fill positions with students, like you, who have job readiness and soft skill sets.