Module 10: Leadership (Developing students into leaders.)

  • In a survey conducted by State of St. Louis Workforce 2013, a lack of communication skills, a poor work ethic and a lack of critical thinking and problem solving were the biggest shortcomings of the job applicants they were seeing. ” ‘Soft skills’ once again far outpaced technical skills such as math and computer skills as the most lacking in the workforce,”.
  • 66% of business leaders say that they are more aggressively educating employees on their role in delivering on the value proposition.
    Grant Thornton, February 2006
  • 69% of business leaders say it’s important to have a mentor.
    Grant Thornton’s View newsletter, December 2005
  • 75% of executives say good physical fitness is critical for career success at the executive level., November 2005
  • 11% of surveyed CEOs either have or are considering establishing a charitable foundation or donor-advised fund.
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Private Company Services, October 2005
  • When dealing with suppliers, 86% of senior executives say a lack of ethical standards would be enough to not do business with a supplier.
    Doremus/Financial Times, October 2005
  • 49% of female MBA graduates surveyed said they have tried to advance their careers by engaging in sexual behaviors ranging from flirting to telling male co-workers they look “hot.” Tulane University, August 2005
  • 33% of executive’s time is spent responding to crises or problems.
    The Creative Group, July 2005