Walmart Grant

We are thrilled to have just found out that we have received a grant from WALMART for Leading Next Generation!!

Founder, Heather Pennington, on this exciting news – “Starting a non-profit from the ground based upon a vision and need in the community is not easy work. Each day I am reminded and so thankful to all the people who have and are currently coming along side me to truly impact our youth!”

If you have a high schooler, now is the time to register! Just visit our Registration Page to download the forms and secure a great future. Your child is going to go through curriculum for an entire year that is being hand written by some of the most talented people in our community. The skills alone are worth the investment, not to mention the cash scholarship at the end of the program. Also big shout out to the Northwest YMCA for their partnership and also to Harrison High School for bringing this to fruition.