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Our Foundation

college_groupLeading Next Generation (LNG) is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization founded in July 2015. Planting its roots in Cobb County, Georgia, the organization serves underprivileged families, youth who are looking for greater development in life skills, and supplying basic needs such as food and supplies.

Our Mission

“Equipping the next generation of young people for leadership through training in practical life application so that they are prepared for success upon graduation from college into independent living.”

Employers have expressed dissatisfaction with the job candidates coming out of high school and college. They have no idea how to dress appropriately for an interview, use etiquette at a lunch meeting, how their social media use affects their job prospecting, or how to manage their finances, to name a few. They are struggling with self-esteem, the demands of work versus social communication in the workplace. The statistics are in a downwards trend. The youth know they are lacking the basic life skills they need in order to be successful in life and career. Leading Next Generation is here to fill the gap between parents, high school, colleges and the workplace.

Our desire is to meet the basic needs of families to enable them to succeed in life and compete in the marketplace.

Why We Exist

What is our next generation of young people going to become when they are graduating college without the necessary life skills? Many employers are dissatisfied with the job candidates coming out of school and our young people are not being taught the skills that are necessary in order to be successful in life and compete in the business workplace. Spend time speaking or teaching in the high schools and colleges and it does not take long to discover that we have a serious problem and gap with our next generation’s skill sets.

Students are graduating from college with the highest debt in U.S. history, and most of them have no idea how to dress properly for an interview, how to write a resume or what a professional handshake should look like. College graduates are perplexed with how to manage their finances, or what etiquette looks like around the table in a business environment and the social communication that is such an important skill in life. Self-esteem is a constant struggle. The statisticson meeting the required life skills are heading in a downward trend. We live in a society where in many households, both parents work and although properly raised, the children are lacking the necessary skills to function successfully in this world.

Leading Next Generation exists as it is time to address this crisis and make a drastic change by implementing a program that is designed to equip this next generation on how to be successful as they move from young adulthood into independent living. Students will learn on both a personal and a professional level, thus equipping them to be competitive in the workplace. It is imperative that we invest now in our children because we are shaping our next leaders.

Board Of Directors

Heather Pennington
President & Founder
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